Still Rising

After a lengthy battle with a rare blood disease and its complications, Katie Gaspard, at the age of sixteen,  passed from this life on July 20, 2017.

Still Rising chronicles her story and her family’s fight to honor God, her legacy and memory, and tell a narrative of suffering, trust, and seeing God’s hand in the midst of a season of intense suffering.

Read this book. Simply and urgently, read this book. PHDs and theologians with decades of lectures cannot better the truths revealed in the endless suffering this family endured. Truths, if absorbed, will open the reader’s comprehension of the true Christ. This writing reduces to ashes the flippant philosophies of the health-and-wealth, self-serving doctrines that crumble under the weight of reality.

Dave Roever

President & Founder, Roever Foundation

This is a story written from the lives of a couple who have walked through the greatest battle any parent could ever face. It’s a story that reveals their greatest hopes and dreams, but also, their heartbreaking loss. Richard and Daphne Gaspard bravely share from their lives and the life of their daughter Katie, teaching us how to hold on to God when everything in life is spinning completely out of control.

Helen Burns

Pastor, Relate Church - Surrey, British Columbia

I have always loved Richard and Daphne. This book will make you love them, too, I’m sure. But more importantly, I hope it helps you see how much Jesus loves you and the joy you can find in loving Him through any circumstance. The Gaspard family experienced pain that is beyond my comprehension. And yet, what I see in their story is something even more inexplicable – the overwhelming beauty that comes from trusting God regardless of what life brings.

DeLynn Rizzo

Association of Related Churches, Birmingham, AL

Still Rising simultaneously extends hope to those in a moment of great hardship and counsel to those wanting to respond with compassion. It is a must-read for anyone desiring to be found among those the scripture characterizes as the just (who) live by faith.

Jeff Ables

Lead Pastor, Crossroads Church, Lafayette, LA

Gut-wrenchingly honest and insightful, Richard and Daphne Gaspard’s story is for all of us who grapple with unanswered questions and aching emotional wounds.

Chana Keefer

#1 bestselling author, Servant of the King: Memoir of Modern Apostle Kemper Crabb

What started as a story turned into a manual for me, one which, I believe, every pastor needs to read. It is honest, raw, and such a reminder that God hasn’t called us to have all the answers as much as to be there for those on this journey called life.

David Baudoin

President, Life Counseling - Lafayette, LA